Polearmball is a role playing team sport. Acquire goods and supplies (The polearmball). Deliver your goods (the polearmball) to your village (cross a Delivery Line) and to your people and to your nation so they can thrive and prosper. Outmaneuver your enemies and avoid mortal injury (you are hit by the Javel while you are in possession of the polearmball). You have acquired your stash fair and square and it's time to take it home. Run for your life because you are the target (the Runner is the target) and your fellow warriors will assist you as you attempt to make it home safely. But the enemy is on your trail and for them the thrill of the hunt is on. They are eager to make a kill and take what is yours for themselves. You are all warriors but your enemies want those goods as much as you do. 
Good luck.