Objective: Create A Recreational Game
Learn how to invent a new sport or recreational game by watching the inventor of Polearmball create one before your very eyes for younger age groups.
Hello. My name is Jaime Lapides. (Stretchsportguy). I am the inventor of Polearmball. 
In order that children may grow-up learning the skill sets and concepts they will need to know and understand in order to play Polearmball, I am creating a recreational game for younger age groups. I will design this new game to incorporate the principles of Polearmball in such a way that younger age groups will enjoy the game and learn concepts of Polearmball without realizing they are doing so.

It is my hope that this new game will blend into mainstream Americana and world culture. 
It is my belief that the game concepts of Polearmball are unique and revolutionary. For example, today's team sports allow any team member to contribute to the score in any one round of play. In Polearmball only one person is assigned to deliver a goal for points to end the round. For this reason the dynamics and strategies are different for Polearmball than other sports. Imagine for example, that in Basketball, Soccer, Football, or Hockey, etc., that only one player is designated in any one round to score a basket or goal. The rules and dynamics would completely change into a new unpracticed and unseen form of the game. Polearmball uses this (one-man) principle and many other new concepts which make it a unique, revolutionary, and stand-alone sport.
My Plan
Think of this as a blog in real time somewhat. I will post my progress as I go along so that you can follow the course of events as they happen. My first order of business is to write down everything first. Pick a name for the game after the game is laid out. Check the availability of the name online for a dot-com address. Change the name if the domain is not available. Shop for the supplies I will need in order to build the implements whatever they may be. Or shop for implements that are ready for use out of the store. Build whatever needs to be made. Set up a test run using real people (kids). Film all proceedings. Post the movie clips here so you can see everything I do and everything that happens. After that we will talk about the business side of this project to promote and capitalize on reaping financial rewards if any are possible. 

​At the same time using the new domain address for the new game, I will also create a new website for the new game and begin the development of that website. You will be able to follow along and watch the action. Enjoy...
This is the Starting Date so you can gage the time frame of your visits... 6-17-2015