Polearmball is America's premier polearm sport. Polearmball is also a role playing sport that gives players an opportunity to create a warrior character and be that warrior in real life. As a warrior you must acquire goods that your village needs to survive and prosper. You must deliver those goods to your village with the help of your tribe members who are also your team mates. However, the enemy needs those goods as much as you do. They will be eager to make a kill and take those goods away from you. If you successfully deliver the goods to your village then beware; the enemy is in pursuit right behind you and will try to inflict damage on your delivery and village. This is a sport of survival where you become a hero every time you supply your village with food and merchandise. But the thrill of the hunt and the thrill of making a kill belongs to your enemy. If you have the goods then you are the prey. Run for your life!​

I will never let you click me. 
Hand over the goods or I will click you!
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