​Polearmball is a new sport.
Polearmball is a role playing sport which stands alone and does not mimic other existing team sports. Polearmball challenges gamers to get out of their seats and role play on the Polearmball playing field. Bring the warrior character you play online to life in Polearmball by becoming that character. Polearmball is a martial arts sport and a free runner's haven. If you are good at tricking then showcase what you can do in Polearmball. Polearmball is also an entertainment sport which awards athletes for performance skills.

Polearmball is conducive to both short and tall athletes. Teams may be coed. Both males and females may play on the same team. All male or all female teams may play the same gender or opposite gender. The object of the game is to score deliveries and earn more points than the other team. Both offense and defense can score points during the same plays. Polearmball uses a unique polearm, a unique ball, and stationary targets.